Choirs / Groups


The Gabrieli Choir, a Budapest-based amateur chamber choir specializing in the study and performance of sacred music drawn from the repertoire of Anglican Cathedrals. The Choir's Musical Director is Richárd Sólyom.

Currently, the Choir comprises around twenty-four experienced singers and it rehearses in the Sixth District of Budapest.


Chamber pop chorus of "Indigo" from Lithuania was created specifically for the TV project "Choir Wars" (Chorų karai) in early 2013. The initiator of the choir is Vytautas Matuzas - which is popular Lithuanian rapper, winner of various competitions and festivals. He is the so-called General of the "Indigo" choir, manager and one of the soloists.


Viva Vox Choir from Belgrade was formed almost ten years ago by a group of high school graduates who, together with their music teacher and conductor, Jasmina Lorin, wanted to continue the wonderful musical cooperation they had in their high school choir. The choir got its current name in 2005, and in 2009 they introduced beatboxing in their performance, which, along with song arrangements written by the members of the choir, formed the unique sound that made them known throughout the globe.